Baby Bath

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The Wonder Twins always take a bath everyday to keep their fresh "milky" scent. Supernanay told me that every morning Lei will go first because Les is always late in waking up. Paul is more behaved compared to Xander. Look at how they enjoy the water running on their baby skin.


This video is one of my favorites. Supernanay shot it when Les Paul and Lei Xander were having hiccups. They are so cute. I watch this clip almost everynight before I go to sleep. It's nice to see them moving.

Chit Chats

Here's a photo of The Wonder Twins where they seem like having a small conversation with each other. Look at Xander smiling while Paul is telling a story. Maybe they were talking about the care Supernanay is giving them. Or maybe they are talking about the schedule of my vacation...

Little Buddhas' First Month

Les Paul and Lei Xander on their first month

Last Friday, The Wonder Twins celebrated their first month. The number nineteen is a very special number for us - my birthday is July 19 while our Supernanay's is June 19. February 19 is also the wedding anniversary of my parents and the birthday of my Lola "Nanay Ising".

Paul and Xander have really grown so fast. I can't wait to see them both. We are very thankful to God that He's giving them good health.

With Lolo Daddy and Lola Mommy

Like my folks, my in-laws were filled with happiness when The Wonder Twins were born. Les and Lei are their first grandsons. Daddy Ed is always excited like me to see our little angels because he is working in Baguio (he comes home monthly). As for Mommy, she's the "Big Mama" of the Supernanay - a hustler when it comes to parenting.

Most married guys treat their in-laws as super villains. And I'm proud to say that I'm lucky because I am not one of them.

The Magnificent Three

L to R with the Wonder Twins: Richelle, Cha-Cha, and Ate Rosing

I have to give thanks to these three divas who have been helping our Supernanay since the Wonder Twins came. We really appreciate the kindness and help they are giving to my wife.

Ate Rosing a.k.a Blossom - The leader of the magnificent three. Knows how to do almost every house chore you can possibly think of.

Cha-Cha a.k.a. Bubble - She brings joy and laughter to their group. Speaks freely and honestly.

Richelle a.k.a Buttercup - The toughest fighter of the three.

With their combined powers, they bring sugar, spice, and everything nice to Supernanay and The Wonder Twins!!

Cupid De Locke

Even a simple smile is enough to make your Valentine's Day complete. I'm excited to hear The Wonder Twins' angelic voices greet me on occasions like this when they're old enough.

Les and Lei are the cupids that made Supernanay and I fall in love even stronger and better.


New Photos of the Wonder Twins

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Here's the latest photos of the Wonder Twins. They're getting bigger and cuter each week. I have them in my desktop, laptop, and mobile. Can't take my eyes off them.

Big Boys

Here's one of the latest photos Supernanay sent to me yesterday. I'm a bit amazed how the Wonder Twins grew so fast in just a few weeks. My wife told me that she increased their milk from two to three ounces per bottle!

Grandma and Grandpa


My parents visited the Wonder Twins and the Supernanay yesterday. And according to my wife, they were very happy to see their first grandsons. My wife and I are both the eldest from our families. And like mine, Les and Lei are my in-laws' first grandkids.

I wish I was there to see them play with our kids. My parents have waited for this for a very long time.

Say My Name

"San niyo nakuha ang names nila?" is a common question addressed to parents with newly-born baby/ies.

Supernanay and I wanted our kids to have unique names so we decided to buy a book which contains 50,000 baby names. And believe me, it's not that easy to choose. 

We wanted the first letter of their names to start with an X or Z so we chose XANDER. Supernanay added the LEI to make it more unique.

LES PAUL was named after Lester William Polfuss, a famous American jazz and country guitarist. It's also a signature guitar from Gibson.

Always Excited

I'm always excited in opening my emails every morning. I'm always hoping that one of the subjects eating my inbox would be The Wonder Twins' newest photos or videos. It just makes my day.

"Rock Baby Rock"

"Feeding Time"

I am not expecting our Supernanay to send me daily. All I am asking from her is to send me at least weekly so that I'll be updated with our kids' growth.


Like most babies, I’m sure Les and Lei smell like milk and butter. This is my observation with all the babies ranging from zero to three months of age. I hope I can still smell even a little of that scent from The Wonder Twins when I come back home on September. This is one “perfume” I wish I can preserve in my mind until the day that I die. 

Spot the Difference

The Wonder Twins’ Supernanay sent me new photos to lessen my loneliness. Then she sent me an SMS that says:

Les – mbilis at malakas mgburp, grabe umiyak, nka2takot, mas magugulatin, mas madalas umihi, iyak agad pg basa, mas maarte
Lei – grbe mginat, ang tgal mgburp, minsan putol2 ang pgburp, mhilig dumumi, malikot msyado, lagng 2log, ang likot ng ulo, gus2 nya pg winawash ang bird nya

I wish I can easily distinguish them when I get back home on September!!

 Les Paul Dreaming

Cutie Lei

      Xander's Lips

      Lei as Capt. Barbel



My wife sent me this SMS this afternoon: "Labs, totoo b un? Kyang tiisin ung asawa pero ang anak hindi?".

Where in the world did she get this stupid idea?!

There's no chance that this will happen to us. She's the only SUPERNANAY of The Wonder Twins!!

Oki Doki Dok


It's nice to know from my wife that the people at VRP Medical Center still remeber her and the twins when she came back to the hospital. There's still a connection after January 19. The staff there knows my wife as the mother of the Quitiquit Twins.

Although I was not there to totally meet and mingle with them, I really appreciate the service from Dra. Ongkeko (my labs' OB), Dra. Salazar (Les and Lei's Pediatrician),  the anaesthesiologist, elevator operator and all the resident nurses and doctors. (Award Night Speech - Discount Naman Diyan!)