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Here is a really nice video of Paul & Xander showing their Tita Sarah how "bibo" they are. I am so glad to know that they are learning a lot of words. When I come home next month for my Chinese New Year vacation, I will teach them where favorite rock CD's are. Rakenrol, mga anak! \m/

Tatay and Nanay's Wedding Anniversary

December 8, 2008. It has been three years since I and my ex-girlfriend tied the knot and from that day forward, I am proud to say that our marriage has gone stronger each day. We have never celebrated our wedding anniversary together since I started to work abroad three years ago but this thing did not affect our relationship in a negative way. Being miles away from each other is really difficult but Paul and Xander constantly remind us to be brave with the choices and sacrifices that we make.

This evening, Supernanay asked me to check out the FB post she and the Wonder Twins made. I was happy to read this from her note:

We’re already on our 3rd year as married couple but we never had a chance to celebrate it together. If Jay’s here we could have….
  ….eaten dinner at the Fort. Maybe in Serendra or Boni High.

….pampered ourselves at “the Spa”. I can smell the scent of oils and feel the warmth of the water.

….taken a short escapade (with the twins) somewhere in Tagaytay

….started the day with a sumptuous breakfast. Either me or him preparing some toast with egg, butter, bacon and cheese.

….prepared a simple celebration at home with family and friends.

….stayed at home and have quality time with the twins – watching videos and playing with them.

….popcorn, chips, or fries in a movie marathon or even just watching episodes of House.

….attended mass before going to the mall with the kids enjoying the newly lit up Christmas decors.

or we could have just celebrated it by “being together” physically. With me being here with the kids, and him working in China, I always had faith that we can grow separately without growing apart. HAPPY 3RD YEAR ANNIVERSARY, LABS!!!! I love you so much. I’m looking forward to many years of happy and memorable moments together with the kids.

Early Christmas With Tatay

My choice to work abroad has a lot of consequences and sacrifices; and one of the realities that we OFWs have to accept is that we never get to spend a lot of holidays and special occasions with our families. There is a common story of missing a son or daughter's graduation ceremonies, missing a birthday bash for a loved one, or missing a grand reunion. And of course, there is that experience of spending Christmas in a different land without your family. 

I had my vacation last month and my next one will be on the last week of January next year. This means no Christmas Eve and no New Year's Eve for me together with Supernanay and the Wonder Twins.

I and my wife decided to spend our Christmas Eve in advance, a night before I leave for China. We decorated our Christmas tree, bought gifts for Paul and Xander, and had our Noche Buena. We even wore our Sunday clothes to truly feel the occasion. Mommy Eli, Sarah, Carla, and Tita Baby were there to join us. 

It is not yet Christmas but it really felt like it.

Fun, Fun, Fun Ranch

During my vacation last month, we went to Fun Ranch in Ortigas for an afternoon family bonding. As always, Paul and Xander were so excited when we got there. The smiles on their faces never seem to end when they saw the school of fish in the man-made pond. My wife and I accompanied the twins in the "Family Fun Zone" where we played with them for an hour - lots of colorful plastic balls, giant slides, and other fun-filled. After that, we rode the "Red Baron" where the Kulilits felt like pilots. Indeed, this is a place where kids rule!

Boy Tattoo

Here is a set of cute photos from the Wonder Twins showing Xander's body tattoo from Tang. Rakenrol, Ading! \m/

Breakfast Pics

While sharing a bowl of cereals for their breakfast, Paul & Xander posed for some lovely photos. Calling the attention of Kellogg's....we have two cute little boys to endorse your product! :)

Polo Shirt

Xander showing his lovely smile

kuya is looking so serious

 still not in the mood to show his smile

I got these photos from my cousin Jarlene whose eldest son celebrated his seventh birthday. Paul and Xander were invited to join the fun together with their cousins from the Quitiquit  clan. They came in their best "japorms" looks wearing the polo shirts that we bought from MOA a day before I came back to China. They are so adorable!


Paul & Xander just love taking a bath everyday - a daily routine that they enjoy every morning. Unlike the other kids, they are not lazy to clean themselves. Personal hygiene is one of the important things we want our little angels to know at their young age. They are already "too big" for the baby bathtub they have so they now use the "batya" as their "mini pool".

Go Tigers

Last Saturday, September 17, 2011, Samsung hosted the annual UAAP Cheerdance Competition and was aired live on Studio 23. Paul and Xander were at their Lola Ely's house to enjoy (with their Tita Sarah) the breath-taking performances of pep squads from different universities. Our little cubs growled like tigers to show their support to UST's Salinggawi Dance Troupe and the Yellow Jackets.

Tatay, We're in Tagaytay

When I had my vacation last August, my family went to Tagaytay, the second summer capital next to Baguio, to escape the heat and the bustle in the busy city. Our destination was set to Residence Inn which is famous for its  mini zoo (Zoomanity) and its excellent location overlooking the Taal Lake. The zoo showcases exotic animals, serpents, and birds. Paul and Xander really enjoyed their first experience in a menagerie - I have never seen our kids so happy seeing different kinds of animals (they only see my in-laws' pet dogs and cats). They got excited when they saw the parrot, the rabbits, the monkeys, and the different species of birds.

After our exhausting but wonderful trip to the zoo, we went to the ever famous Picnic Grove to have some rest while enjoying the view of the Taal Volcano and the cold breeze.

Nice bonding Tagaytay moment!

Bonding at MOA

aren't they cute?

Every last day of my vacation in the Philippines, I make sure that my family goes out for a bonding moment. The last time I was in Manila, we went to SM MOA to let Paul and Xander enjoy the mall. As always, every moment was fun, fun, fun. I wish I could make the day longer because I do not want it to end. 

For me, the feeling is both joy and sadness at the same time. I am happy because I am having a great day with Supernanay and the Wonder Twins but I am also sad because moments like this remind me that I have to leave again for work. :(

Wonder Twins at the Park

My wife sent me some pictures of Paul and Xander when they went to Makati. Our kids really enjoyed their stroll at the park. I wish was there to share the outdoor fun!

Cosmic Kidz

I’ve never seen our kids so happy and active when they experienced staying in David’s Playhouse in Market Market for an hour. The idea was an afterthought because we were so tired following them inside the mall. Together with their Wowa, we entered the playhouse and let the Yayas enjoy shopping for a while.

When Jay came home for vacation recently, we decided to bring them to a spaced themed gym and playground of fun, adventure, and interactive learning…THE COSMIC KIDZ at SM Mall of Asia. This is a joint project of SM and Selecta. This five-storey playground caught our attention because of its size and attractions.

We decided to join them in experiencing this adventure last May 18, 2011. I tried not to think about the admission rates. Anyway, it’s a rare experience with the kids, Jay being with us. The twins were so excited that they wanted to let loose inside and not to remove their shoes.

The PLASMA POOL is a big come on as you enter the playground. Best for babies and toddlers, Paul and Xander enjoyed lying and rolling over the tarpaulin cover.

The next experience is the Spectrum Crossing. But unfortunately, there’s no movement when they rode the boat. There’s also the Spinning Sling Shot which I prefer not to be ridden by them. They also tried the slide and the Ground Control.

Well, there’s more to explore at the Comfyland at the 2nd floor using the cushioned stairs. The 2 boys can’t get enough of what they see. Paul, moves so fast going through the interactive elements of musical toys, mind stimulating objects, and a kiddie computer. They also rode the animal Merry-go-Round!

What else can they explore? Before we can climb to the next level, we were led to Airballs where they have floating balloons. Since there were too many big kids, we decided to transfer to Orbits. The kids rolled and played for a very long time inside where there are soft, small white balls.

As much as we wanted to sit and rest, we were curious with the Hyper Slide. But Tatay and Ading were able to fool us. They chose to take the other route. Not the Apollo Climber where there are small soft cushion for you to hold as you climb to the 3rd level. The 3rd level is for big kids and adult. This is where Xander almost fell off the stairs. As we climb the 3rd floor, they were excited to find so many balls lying on the floor. The battle zone of the Gaming Cannon Area is where the balls land after being shot by the cannons above. We went up again through the Rocket Booster Areas. Honestly, I was scared the kids might fell or hurt themselves. There are tunnels and holes that are too narrow and steep. I think the highest point would be inside the Helicopter’s Cockpit.

We went down and explored other parts of the 3rd level area – Space Web, Worm Hole and the area where there are soft bricks on the floor. Too exhausted and gasping for breath, I wasn’t able to follow Xander immediately after he sneaked out from a hole going to the Worm Hole at the side. I didn’t realize that a few steps away would be the stairs going to the 2nd floor. Good thing I was able to hold his shirt and pulled him towards me.

It’s nice to enjoy the fun, but with your toddlers getting curious and still so helpless, it is best to always practice a little caution.

The experience is worth another visit. The next time wouldn’t hurt if we have a taste of the ice cream at The Creamery. After a breathtaking simulation ride at the X-Rider.

Twins' Haircut

January 29, 2011, we went to Kids' Salon at Market! Market for Paul and Xander's first haircut. We want this to be memorable so we took them to a salon especially built for toddlers. I think our little angels thought that they were in a play area because they saw a lot of toys, a playhouse, and other kiddie stuff in the area. When it was their turn to get their hair cut, they were so behaved. At first, they did not mind the razor running on their head because they were busy enjoying the steering wheel of the barber chair in a form of a car. There was also a teevee in front of them showing Barney. The Wonder Twins just started to cry when they felt itchy because of the tiny hairs falling on their sides. There were lots of cute cries but in the end, Kuya and Ading went home cuter more handsome!

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During my four-day vacation last month, I and Supernanay took the kids to the barber shop near our place for their second haircut. When we got there, Paul and Xander started to cry because I think they already know what will happen. There were no toys there, just a bunch of guys cutting the hairs of other guys. They do not want to sit on the red barber chair because it does not look like a car! Good thing my wife was there to persuade the chikitings have their haircut.

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Star City Adventure

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Last May 15, 2011, I went home to spend my quarterly vacation from work. Though I was only given four days (or six days less the two plane travels), I and Supernanay made sure that it will be a fun-filled family bonding time.

One of the things we did was to bring our kids to a theme park. Our original plan was to go to Enchanted Kingdom but due my schedule, we settled for Star City. As you can see in the photos, we were all dressed in red because we availed the park's "Color Fiesta" promo. A group of five wearing the assigned color of the week gets a hundred-peso discount on their "ride-all-you-can" ticket pass (this is not a paid advertisement). With us were Tita Sarah and Tito Paulo, Yaya Len-Len,  and Yaya Jessa.

The park opens four in the afternoon during weekdays. We arrived there around six and had our dinner first at Tropical Hut Hamburger. The Wonder Twins look so happy while they were eating their spaghetti and fried chicken. They seem to know that they are in for a good time. Paul and Xander were "pa-bibo" and the people around us could not resist to put a smile on them.

When we got to the entrance gate, our kids got even happier. The large crowd that they saw made them want to run around all by themselves. They were happy to see other kids and were trying to talk with them though they do not know how to speak yet. The attendant at the gate gave us the list of rides allowed for the little angels.

First was at "Red Barron", a merry-go-round-like ride but instead of horses, it has planes. This is their first time to experience this kind of ride. The planes that they know are those found at Time Zone that do not fly! You can see in their faces the joy that they felt when we were already "flying". 

Next were "Peter Pan" and "Land of Giants". These attractions are walk-through fantasy attractions for family where you can enjoy the characters from Neverland and see the world at a bigger view but I think our chikitings are not yet ready to appreciate them. 

"Magic Forest" is a train ride which I think Les and Lei enjoyed. The tracks go through a cave filled with fake trees and other stuff you see in the wild. They also loved riding the horses of the "Grand Carousel". The last we had was "Pirate Adventure", a boat ride that took us to the adventurous world of seafarers.

Time really flies when you are having fun. We thought the park closes past midnight but it was just open until eleven. Good thing we were able to let the kids enjoy all the rides they were allowed in to.

In deed, this is one of the happiest times I had with my family.

Market! Market! Playground

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Whenever we go to Market! Market! for a stroll, we always drop by at the mall's playground. Les Paul and Lei Xander really enjoy this site. You can see them smile whenever they try the slide! They both enjoy walking around the spacious place for little kids like them. I am sure that they will enjoy this more when they are already walking and running by themselves.