Baguio Vacation - Day 4 (01302012)

On the fourth day of our Baguio Vacation, we went to the Philippine Military Academy, the location where "Tayong Dalawa" was shot. When Supernanay was pregnant with our little angels, she enjoyed watching this telenovela starring Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson who both played as twin brothers. I always tell my friends and relatives, "Sila ang napaglihian ni Sheila kaya guwapong kambal ang naging mga anak namin...".

If our kids decide to become a part of the Armed Forces when they grow up, I will let them join the PMA. But there is one condition - they should be honorable at all times and be not like the big bastards in service that we know today.

Inside the 373-hectare Fort Del Pilar, Paul and Xander enjoyed the popular sites like the giant replica of the PMA hat near the gate, the war tanks, and the military planes.

After visiting the camp, we took a walk at Burmham Park and had dinner at Ninong Joel's resto (Jelo's).

Baguio Vacation - Day 3 (01292012)

taken on January 29, 2012

More than three years ago, during our honeymoon, we went to one of the resorts located at Asin Nangalisan (a barangay in Tuba, Benguet) to enjoy the hot spring coming from the dormant Mt. Sto. Tomas.

taken on December 13, 2008

On the third day of our Baguio Vacation last January, we were back at that same place. Nothing much has changed. Still the same relaxing pools and the spectacular view of nature.

But were no longer there as a couple. We were there as a one happy family.

Baguio Vacation - Day 2 (01282012)

Aside from being the "Summer Capital", Baguio City is known for its parks, historical sites and other nice scenery. For our second day, my daddy-in-law asked his colleague to accompany us in our sightseeing escapade.
First on our itinerary is the BELL CHURCH. It was my first time to go there so when I heard of its name, I was thinking something like The Cathedral. When we got there, I was surprised to find out that it is a Buddhist temple with pagodas, dragons, and Chinese-related stuff I normally see in Chaozhou. We tried to reach the pagoda located on the highest level of the temple but we find the series of steps getting steeper and more dangerous for the kids so we did not continue. Paul and Xander enjoyed the school of (koi) fish in the wishing pond located near the arch of the temple.

Next stop is the STRAWBERRY FARM. I think almost all the people who have been to Baguio have their own story about this place. Believe me, I heard a lot of them. This popular tourist spot could have been better if the price for picking strawberries is not expensive. I do not understand why it is overly priced at five hundred pesos per small basket. We just bought the freshly picked ones at a reasonable price. We tried the strawberry-flavored "dirty ice cream" and the kulilits simply loved it.

The last spot that we went to was CAMP JOHN HAY. This used to be a military facility during the American occupation in the Philippines. We visited the famous Bell House, originally the vacation quarters of the Commanding General that now serves as a modern museum. Near the place is The Lost Cemetery which is overlooking the Manor Hotel.

Before going home, we had our snack at Yellow Cab located at the call center hub inside the camp.


Supernanay told me that Paul and Xander can now clearly say new words like hindi, cake, book, juice, horse, rat, cat, and dog. When I was home last January, both of our kids cannot completely say the word "tatay" because of the letter "y". 

One morning, we were surprised to hear Paul clearly say to me, "Tatay!". Not only that, he was also said "Nanay!". Les got happy and excited that he kept on calling us by repeatedly shouting "Tatay! Nanay!". Really made our day; especially those cute giggles.

Baguio Vacation - Day 1 (01272012)

The best part of my vacation last January is our trip to Baguio. The Summer Capital is the place where we decided to celebrate Kuya and Ading's second birthday and have a special family bonding moment.

Getting there was not that easy because we just commuted riding a Victory Liner wi-fi bus. Just imagine the baggage we were carrying plus the kulilits! We left Manila around ten in the evening and we arrived at Baguio half past four in the morning. My dad-in-law fetched us from the terminal and dropped us at Pines Garden Villas, a condotel that he manages where we will be staying for several days.

After having a light breakfast, we took a nap. The weather is cold enough to make you sleepy after a long trip. In the afternoon, we went to the Botanical Garden but we were unlucky because some parts of it were undergoing renovation. Still, our kids enjoyed sights of the flowers, paintings, and Ifugao houses.

Enchanting Chinese New Year

I feel so lucky to have a nine-day vacation every three months because not all people who work abroad get this kind of privilege. Some ofws only see their families annually, while some can only go home after a two-year contract. But eventhough I get to see Supernanay and the Wonder Twins quarterly, it still feels "bitin" every time I am with them. Time is really fast when you are having fun with your family.

Good thing is, aside from my quarterly vacation, I am also entitled to a three-week home leave during Chinese New Year! Having a longer vacation means more time with my labs and the kulilits which means more bonding moments. Last year, I was home and celebrated with Paul and Xander's first birthday party. This year, the coming of the Dragon is in time with my kids' second birthday. Now that is what you can call luck.

For Kuya and Ading's big day, we just had a small dinner party with our close friends and relatives. No children's party. No clowns. Our plan is to celebrate the occasion by going to a theme park and going out of town so that we can spend more quality time while I am on my vacation.

We went to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna on the 23rd of January, the official day of the start of the Chinese New Year. With us were Buboy, Raisa, Ethan, and Sarah. I already saw how Les and Lei were so happy when we went to Star City, Cosmic Kidz, and Fun Ranch but when we were there at EK, the little big boys were more excited and wanted to explore endlessly. 

At the Bouderville, a pre-historic cartoon park zone for kids, P&X enjoyed the rides like the "Boulderville Express", "Stone Eggs", and "Dinosaurus". "Up, Up, and Away", a ballon carousel ride located Midway Boardwalk, is the ride they both liked the most.

Before we went home, there were fireworks and our kids loved the spectacular display of lights.