Baguio Vacation - Day 1 (01272012)

The best part of my vacation last January is our trip to Baguio. The Summer Capital is the place where we decided to celebrate Kuya and Ading's second birthday and have a special family bonding moment.

Getting there was not that easy because we just commuted riding a Victory Liner wi-fi bus. Just imagine the baggage we were carrying plus the kulilits! We left Manila around ten in the evening and we arrived at Baguio half past four in the morning. My dad-in-law fetched us from the terminal and dropped us at Pines Garden Villas, a condotel that he manages where we will be staying for several days.

After having a light breakfast, we took a nap. The weather is cold enough to make you sleepy after a long trip. In the afternoon, we went to the Botanical Garden but we were unlucky because some parts of it were undergoing renovation. Still, our kids enjoyed sights of the flowers, paintings, and Ifugao houses.


  1. hindi tayo nagdinner sa SM Baguio

  2. ooops....sorry labs. ok, edit ko nalang. san ba tayo kumain?