Baguio Vacation - Day 4 (01302012)

On the fourth day of our Baguio Vacation, we went to the Philippine Military Academy, the location where "Tayong Dalawa" was shot. When Supernanay was pregnant with our little angels, she enjoyed watching this telenovela starring Jake Cuenca and Gerald Anderson who both played as twin brothers. I always tell my friends and relatives, "Sila ang napaglihian ni Sheila kaya guwapong kambal ang naging mga anak namin...".

If our kids decide to become a part of the Armed Forces when they grow up, I will let them join the PMA. But there is one condition - they should be honorable at all times and be not like the big bastards in service that we know today.

Inside the 373-hectare Fort Del Pilar, Paul and Xander enjoyed the popular sites like the giant replica of the PMA hat near the gate, the war tanks, and the military planes.

After visiting the camp, we took a walk at Burmham Park and had dinner at Ninong Joel's resto (Jelo's).

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