Second Month

This may be a little late because the Wonder Twins celebrated their second month last March 19. I have some problems downloading the pictures sent to me by Supernanay over the internet. Anyway, it's a Pinoy's tradition to celebrate every month until they reach their first year. We have to give thanks to the Lord the good health and protection that He's giving to our little angels.

My mom sent me a text message saying that they are really healthy and they are already responding to the "little conversations" when you talk with them. My wife is also telling me this everyday. And it's really nice to know that.

Feeling Graduates

The Wonder Twins had a great time posing with the sash / lace they got from their Tita Sarah who is graduating from USTe with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering. Paul and Xander will be professionals like their parents - I'm hoping that they will choose the course that's right for them.

Best Buds

Here are photos of the Wonder Twins posing to cheer me up. I can distinguish now the differences between Lei Xander and Les Paul.

Getting Ready

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Here's a photo of one of The Wonder Twins together with my brother Pot (a.k.a. Kapitan Basa) and her fiance' Eds who are getting married this coming May 7. I hope that they can catch up with me and Supernanay so that our little angels will have playmate/s soon.


Create your own labloop foto slideshow for MySpace, Facebook or your website! view all fotos of this slideshow

The Wonder Twins are really growing fast. It will not be too long that they will start to crawl and play with each other. And to be prepared with that day, Supernanay bought them their own crib.

Tita Sarah's Birthday

Last Thursday, March 4, was my sister-in-law's 21st birthday. Sarah is one loving tita of The Wonder Twins. I really have to thank her because she helps Supernanay in babysitting Les and Lei.


Have you ever experienced this word of mine, "HAPPLINESS"? This is the state of being happy and lonely at the same time. That's what I feel everytime I receive photos like this one from The Wonder Twins and the Supernanay.

There's something wrong with this picture - there's still a space at the left side for me to fill in. :(