Third Month Photos

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Seeing the Wonder Twins grow healthy is something we should really celebrate. Cheers!


The Wonder Twins are celebrating their third month today. I wish them good health and all the best in life. I know that Supenanay is doing her best to take care of them as they are growing up very fast. Four more  months and we'll have  good bonding moments! Iloveyouall!

Guardians and Sidekicks

Here are photos of the Wonder Twins with their Sidekicks. I don't know the name of the bear but he's my brother-in-law's finance's toy. The other one is Holy Cow, who we treated as our baby before Les Paul and Lei Xander were born.

Aren't they cute?


The Wonder Twins are really growing up so fast. They can no longer fit in the lavatory / counter when taking a bath each morning so we decided to buy them their own little tub. Supernanay  told me that Les Paul and Lei Xander enjoy their tub as mush as they enjoy taking a bath.

Who's Who

It was on the 4th day that we were given the clearance to go home. I really can’t wait to hold my cute little angels. My OB-Gyne did not opt for a nursing-in because of my condition. I had to undergo blood transfusion after giving birth I was so weak to even breastfeed.

Finally, the long wait is over. I am now outside the nursery waiting for my twins.

The first few days came as a challenge to distinguish twin A from twin B or Les Paul from Lei Xander. Without any birthmarks to tell them apart, we can only rely on the nursery card and the birth tag (which we didn’t remove for a couple of days).

Our decision to color code their things during the last few months of my pregnancy helped a lot especially for friends and relatives who came to visit us. From their bonnet down to their booties I bought blue items for Paul and green for Xander. It is also a way for us to give them a sense of ownership with their personal things.

The Joy of Being a Mother

The moment I saw and held my two little angels, I wonder how Iactually brought two tiny beautiful beings into this world. I gave birth to two healthy boys – our little Les Paul and Lei Xander; carrying them in my womb for more than 8 months. With God’s grace, we were able to survive many months being apart from my husband, a traumatic typhoon Ondoy & Pepeng, and a 2week spotting which I almost lost my babies.

Now, I fully understand what it is like to experience such great joy of being a mother and at the same time experiencing God’s miracle of life.

Friendly Neighbor Spiderman

"Look, up in the's a's a, it's Spidey!!!" ~ The Wonder Twins

Have you ever wondered why all those fastfood chains like McDonald's, Wendy's, and Jollibee share the colors red and yellow? Researches say that these colors are the ones easily recognized by kids. My mother-in-law bought this balloon after she attended mass. Supernanay told me that our kids really enjoy playing with Spiderman. Good thing he is in our neighborhood!