Eating Cerelac


Les Paul

Lei Xander

The Wonder twins are already eating Cerelac and based on the celphone videos sent by Supernanay, the kids are really enjoying their solid food. Cerelac is also my favorite, I still eat it even in my old age. Can't wait to eat it together with our cute little angels!

The Fruits of Love: Dedicated to all the Children of OFWs

The Wonder Twins: Paul and Xander

If there’s one movie that I really love and hate at the same time, it would be “Anak” which showcased the talents of Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto. I saw this film several times with my mom when I was still single and we really can’t help our eyes from shedding tears. The last time I saw it was when I, my wife and our friends from the company where we previously worked went to Ilocos Sur to spend the Holy Week. “Anak” is every OFW’s nightmare turned into a powerful movie for everyone to see in the big screen. 

I am not an OFW child but I have lots of friends whose parents are working abroad. I must say that most of my pals really represent Claudine, the nasty bitch from hell sent by Satan to destroy every parent’s morale. Her role as the prodigal daughter is really powerful that it made me cuss her every time she does things that would break Ate Vi. I can’t understand why behind every overseas worker’s dream of having a better future, most of them end up losing their family.

I Know How to Hold My Bottle

Xander enjoying his bottle of milk

It's really nice to know that the Wonder Twins are developing so fast. They already know how to rollover and they are starting to crawl. Right now, they are learning how to hold their milk bottles!

A Trip to MOA

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Last week, Les Pau and Lei Xander went to SM Mall of Asia together with my in-laws to have celebrate in advance the birthday of their Lolo Daddy. Supernanay told me that our cute little angels enjoyed the strolling so much that they don't even know where to focus their eyes on.

The best thing with this trip is when they went to the SM Department Store - the salesladies, according to my labs, kept on following them and  insisted that our wonder twins join the 2010 SM Star Baby Promo!

Proud nanay and tatay of two handsome boys. :)