The Fruits of Love: Dedicated to all the Children of OFWs

The Wonder Twins: Paul and Xander

If there’s one movie that I really love and hate at the same time, it would be “Anak” which showcased the talents of Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto. I saw this film several times with my mom when I was still single and we really can’t help our eyes from shedding tears. The last time I saw it was when I, my wife and our friends from the company where we previously worked went to Ilocos Sur to spend the Holy Week. “Anak” is every OFW’s nightmare turned into a powerful movie for everyone to see in the big screen. 

I am not an OFW child but I have lots of friends whose parents are working abroad. I must say that most of my pals really represent Claudine, the nasty bitch from hell sent by Satan to destroy every parent’s morale. Her role as the prodigal daughter is really powerful that it made me cuss her every time she does things that would break Ate Vi. I can’t understand why behind every overseas worker’s dream of having a better future, most of them end up losing their family.

During my teenage years, I asked one of my closest classmates why he is not reluctant to spend money in all our drinking sprees and other stuff. The only answer I heard from is “They’ll provide” that sounded so cold. He seems so happy in our circle of friends every time we go out to have fun. I can’t blame him because he’s the only child and both of his parents are abroad. He lives with his grandmother and his nanny and finds it boring to stay home because there was no one who would listen to him. I also found out that his rebellion was caused by his parents’ separation - both his mom and dad are living with their own families. One time when he was drunk, he told me that he doesn’t need money but a family that would fill him with love.

One of the fears that I still have since I left for Saudi is to see them rebelling against me as they grow up. Our twin kids are both boys and there will come a time that they will look for a person who would give them what they look for in a father. Who will play with them when they get their first ball? Who will they be talking to when they see changes in their bodies? Who will be there when they need to talk man-to-man? These are the questions that kept running in my mind - questions whose answers are very essential to every parent-and-child relationship.

If you saw “Anak”, it would not be very difficult to pinpoint the root of Claudine’s rebellious attitude towards Vilma. The stupid unanswered letters were the fuel that ignited the hate inside her daughter’s heart. To make things shorter, communication was their problem.

My wife and I are truly blessed to have Les Paul and Lei Xander in our lives. And I am blessed more to have a partner who made a promise that she will always show my “presence” to our cute little angels as they grow up. Her assurance is the thing that strengthens me while I'm here in Saudi.

If it weren't for the newest technology that speeds up communication, I would have not opted to join the bandwagon. At least nowadays, I can easily talk with my wife anytime I want to - there's email, instant messenger, celphone, and others more to choose from. I am very confident that our kids will grow up fine with the help of social networking media and the guidance of Supernanay.

a touching story of an old father, a son, and a sparrow

About this blog site, this is my commitment, together with my wife,  to write entries on our kids' developing years. When the right time comes, I would let them to read our thoughts and feelings through this online journal of ours. This is the proof of the undying love that we give them. I may not be present during those times but I posted my feelings over the internet to let everyone know how happy and proud I am for them! The Youtube video is somehow similar to my idea on this blog. Watch it and I'm sure you'll shed a tear!

In support to Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards, we would like to call the attention of all the OFWs and their familes, especially their children, and be part of the event's 2010 theme: "Strengthening OFW Families: Stronger Homes for Stronger Nation".

Our children are the fruits of our love that strengthen our homes. If we fail to raise them properly, our dreams of having a wonderful family will never become a reality.

Please support our official entry entitled "TAHANAN NG MGA OFWs" by voting for B'LOG ANG MUNDO at the PEBA Official Website. A similar supporting story is also available at NoBenta: Reminiscing the 90's.

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