with yaya rezil, tito carlo, and cha-cha

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Last July 19, I celebrated my 32nd birthday here in Saudi. It was also the sixth month birthday of The Wonder Twins. Seeing them grow fast and healthy is really one of the best birthday presents from God. I can't wait to see them this month!

Les Paul's Giggles

Les Paul with their Yaya Rezil

watch this video and I'm sure you'll laugh with our cute little angel

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing Youtube during my free time. Okay, there's really nothing wrong with it..... if you'll not waste more than an hour of your day! I often look for funny stuff that would make my life a little lighter - pranks, amazing pets, magic, and giggling babies! As the saying goes, "Laughter is the best medicine".

My beautiful sister-in-law Sarah uploaded a cute video on her FB wall. It features our son Les Paul giggling for almost two minutes! I don't know how she made him laugh like that but it sure made my day!  There's no need for me to browse YT for giggling babies 'cause I already found the best one!