Twinkle, Twinkle Little Rockstars

Tatay's big surprise for the Kulilits is a brand new junior drumset he bought from RJ Guitars. My husband wants our kids to learn how to play the drums because that is one of his frustrations when he was in a band during our teenage years. He does not need to push our kids with it because they love music so much.

I'm really proud of Kuya and Ading's talents developing each day. 

Tatay, I appreciate the effort and love you have for them.

Kuya Paul's rock version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Adings's rock version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Third Birthday

Happy third birthday Kuya Paul and Ading!

Both of you never fail to amaze us with your ability to learn different things at an early age (words, shapes, letters, numbers, movies, names, songs, even dancing). Your noisy bickering, playful giggles, and cleverness is like watching a cartoon coming to life. Tatay and I are proud to see you grow as caring, loving, sweet, and simple kids. We love you so much. 

~ Tatay Jay and Nanay

New Year 2013

The idea of giving gifts is all about the thoughtfulness of the giver and the appreciation of the recipient. We thank you Titos and Titas, Ninongs and Ninangs, Lolos and Lolas, cousins, friends, and relatives for the gifts that we received. Most of all, Nanay and Tatay wholeheartedly thank you guys for the love, concern, thoughtfulness, and time you always shower us.

Moira's 1st Birthday

Paul and Xander were invited to attend the first birthday of my friend's daughter last month. This is the first time the twins wore superhero costumes. They really looked so cute in the Captain Amrica and Robin the Boy Wonder costumes.

Christmas 2012

Our much-awaited Baguio Christmas vacation with the family.

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday with Nanay, Tita Sarah, Mama Ly, Lola Ning, and Aba.

Tatay's Vacation

A one day bonding time with Tatay. We just went to Market Market and walk our way to Serendra and Boni High. The kids loved (as always) Fully Booked. We led Tatay to the newly opened Toys R Us and had picture taking near the fountain. It was a long day but the kids really enjoyed.

Lola Angie's 80th Birthday

November 7, 2012 - A timely celebration to meet with relatives and an opportunity for the twins to play with their cousins!!!