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It was on the 4th day that we were given the clearance to go home. I really can’t wait to hold my cute little angels. My OB-Gyne did not opt for a nursing-in because of my condition. I had to undergo blood transfusion after giving birth I was so weak to even breastfeed.

Finally, the long wait is over. I am now outside the nursery waiting for my twins.

The first few days came as a challenge to distinguish twin A from twin B or Les Paul from Lei Xander. Without any birthmarks to tell them apart, we can only rely on the nursery card and the birth tag (which we didn’t remove for a couple of days).

Our decision to color code their things during the last few months of my pregnancy helped a lot especially for friends and relatives who came to visit us. From their bonnet down to their booties I bought blue items for Paul and green for Xander. It is also a way for us to give them a sense of ownership with their personal things.

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