Baguio Vacation - Day 2 (01282012)

Aside from being the "Summer Capital", Baguio City is known for its parks, historical sites and other nice scenery. For our second day, my daddy-in-law asked his colleague to accompany us in our sightseeing escapade.
First on our itinerary is the BELL CHURCH. It was my first time to go there so when I heard of its name, I was thinking something like The Cathedral. When we got there, I was surprised to find out that it is a Buddhist temple with pagodas, dragons, and Chinese-related stuff I normally see in Chaozhou. We tried to reach the pagoda located on the highest level of the temple but we find the series of steps getting steeper and more dangerous for the kids so we did not continue. Paul and Xander enjoyed the school of (koi) fish in the wishing pond located near the arch of the temple.

Next stop is the STRAWBERRY FARM. I think almost all the people who have been to Baguio have their own story about this place. Believe me, I heard a lot of them. This popular tourist spot could have been better if the price for picking strawberries is not expensive. I do not understand why it is overly priced at five hundred pesos per small basket. We just bought the freshly picked ones at a reasonable price. We tried the strawberry-flavored "dirty ice cream" and the kulilits simply loved it.

The last spot that we went to was CAMP JOHN HAY. This used to be a military facility during the American occupation in the Philippines. We visited the famous Bell House, originally the vacation quarters of the Commanding General that now serves as a modern museum. Near the place is The Lost Cemetery which is overlooking the Manor Hotel.

Before going home, we had our snack at Yellow Cab located at the call center hub inside the camp.

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