Cosmic Kidz

I’ve never seen our kids so happy and active when they experienced staying in David’s Playhouse in Market Market for an hour. The idea was an afterthought because we were so tired following them inside the mall. Together with their Wowa, we entered the playhouse and let the Yayas enjoy shopping for a while.

When Jay came home for vacation recently, we decided to bring them to a spaced themed gym and playground of fun, adventure, and interactive learning…THE COSMIC KIDZ at SM Mall of Asia. This is a joint project of SM and Selecta. This five-storey playground caught our attention because of its size and attractions.

We decided to join them in experiencing this adventure last May 18, 2011. I tried not to think about the admission rates. Anyway, it’s a rare experience with the kids, Jay being with us. The twins were so excited that they wanted to let loose inside and not to remove their shoes.

The PLASMA POOL is a big come on as you enter the playground. Best for babies and toddlers, Paul and Xander enjoyed lying and rolling over the tarpaulin cover.

The next experience is the Spectrum Crossing. But unfortunately, there’s no movement when they rode the boat. There’s also the Spinning Sling Shot which I prefer not to be ridden by them. They also tried the slide and the Ground Control.

Well, there’s more to explore at the Comfyland at the 2nd floor using the cushioned stairs. The 2 boys can’t get enough of what they see. Paul, moves so fast going through the interactive elements of musical toys, mind stimulating objects, and a kiddie computer. They also rode the animal Merry-go-Round!

What else can they explore? Before we can climb to the next level, we were led to Airballs where they have floating balloons. Since there were too many big kids, we decided to transfer to Orbits. The kids rolled and played for a very long time inside where there are soft, small white balls.

As much as we wanted to sit and rest, we were curious with the Hyper Slide. But Tatay and Ading were able to fool us. They chose to take the other route. Not the Apollo Climber where there are small soft cushion for you to hold as you climb to the 3rd level. The 3rd level is for big kids and adult. This is where Xander almost fell off the stairs. As we climb the 3rd floor, they were excited to find so many balls lying on the floor. The battle zone of the Gaming Cannon Area is where the balls land after being shot by the cannons above. We went up again through the Rocket Booster Areas. Honestly, I was scared the kids might fell or hurt themselves. There are tunnels and holes that are too narrow and steep. I think the highest point would be inside the Helicopter’s Cockpit.

We went down and explored other parts of the 3rd level area – Space Web, Worm Hole and the area where there are soft bricks on the floor. Too exhausted and gasping for breath, I wasn’t able to follow Xander immediately after he sneaked out from a hole going to the Worm Hole at the side. I didn’t realize that a few steps away would be the stairs going to the 2nd floor. Good thing I was able to hold his shirt and pulled him towards me.

It’s nice to enjoy the fun, but with your toddlers getting curious and still so helpless, it is best to always practice a little caution.

The experience is worth another visit. The next time wouldn’t hurt if we have a taste of the ice cream at The Creamery. After a breathtaking simulation ride at the X-Rider.

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