Early Christmas With Tatay

My choice to work abroad has a lot of consequences and sacrifices; and one of the realities that we OFWs have to accept is that we never get to spend a lot of holidays and special occasions with our families. There is a common story of missing a son or daughter's graduation ceremonies, missing a birthday bash for a loved one, or missing a grand reunion. And of course, there is that experience of spending Christmas in a different land without your family. 

I had my vacation last month and my next one will be on the last week of January next year. This means no Christmas Eve and no New Year's Eve for me together with Supernanay and the Wonder Twins.

I and my wife decided to spend our Christmas Eve in advance, a night before I leave for China. We decorated our Christmas tree, bought gifts for Paul and Xander, and had our Noche Buena. We even wore our Sunday clothes to truly feel the occasion. Mommy Eli, Sarah, Carla, and Tita Baby were there to join us. 

It is not yet Christmas but it really felt like it.

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