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Rush of Blood to the Head

My wife reminded me that she's going to her OB for her weekly check-up. A few hours later, she called me up to say that she is scheduled for delivery. Excitement suddenly filled my veins when I heard the news from my wife. I'M GOING TO BE A TATAY!!

I can no longer concentrate with my work here in Saudi. Thousands of kilometers away from home are enough to make you feel worried, excited and happy, all at the same time. There is nothing I can do but call and send SMS through my mobile just to keep myself updated with what is happening at the hospital. My fellow expats tried to calm me down by relaying to me the delivery of their first babies. They told me that it is really one of the happiest days next to your wedding. Your children will complete the relationship between you and your wife. Most of the guys here have experienced their first while in they're still in our country while some of them experienced it when they were already here in the desert kingdom. According to them, there is nothing to worry but the hospital bills when your wife is already in the hands of the doctors.

Later that night, my wife sent me a text message that she needs to rest because her operation is scheduled the next morning. I cannot sleep. In fact, I waited until three in the morning (8am in Manila) to check what’s happening. I even posted a status message on FB asking everyone to pray for the safe delivery of our little angels. It is nice to know that your true friends are there to comfort you even by just commenting that they will include my wife and our babies in their prayers. Surprisingly, even the friends of my friends also replied to my post!

Beautiful Boy(s)

It is already past eight in the morning (at the hospital) but everyone’s mobile cannot be reached. This kind of situation made me more anxious. After a few more attempts, I was finally able to speak with my mother-in-law. She said that everything is alright. The babies are safe and my wife is at the recovery room.

At 7:31am and 7:32am, two little angels, LES PAUL and LEI XANDER, were drawn from heaven to give happiness to first time parents, Jay and Yayeng.

I am really a proud father to our wonder twins! My mother kept on telling me over the phone that our kids are really cute and handsome like their father! Mom said that she can’t tell who’s who without their baby tags because they are really identical. I quickly sent text messages to Sarah, my sister-in-law, and asked her to send me pictures of her first nephews.

Looking at the photos of our little angels made me realize that we were truly blessed by God. And this blessing is something that I and my wife should really take care of. It does not matter to me now if I cannot achieve my personal ambitions as long as we can do everything to attain our dreams for our children.

The joy of fatherhood is priceless.

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