It's Playtime

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It was before their 3rd month that I decided to buy them their Baby Gym. This is my souvenir from my recent project in Quezon City. I also bought one for Baby Thea as our gift for her baptism.

Since the twins are getting curious and just started to recognize color and objects, a Baby Gym is ideal for their Visual and Motor Development. Paul, when placed on the comforter would make some noise as if trying to reach the dangling toys; while Lei’s so busy staring at the colorful objects above him.

I remember the line from their Tita Sarah’s exercise video, which I always use to teach them while playing. They have to reach for the object and then pull….they have to “REACH AND PULL”. C”,) Just like Tita Sarah saying “reach and pull”!! “Reach and pull”!!! (sweat…sweat…sweat!!!)



  1. Kuya jay!!! idol na kita, I love your blog and the twins' blog. how do you do the related posts part? and the recommend part below every post.I wanna learn :)

  2. labs, kaw na lang magturo kay em ha. di ako masyadong sanay sa ginagawa mo.