Here Comes Tatay

 tatay with Kuya Paul
tatay with Ading Xander

Two months ago, August 17, 2010 to be exact, I had a taste of my yearly vacation. Waiting for it really seemed forever while I was working in Saudi. When Les Paul and Lei Xander were borne, I wanted to go home but I was tied in a work contract so I had to wait for more than six months to see, hug, and kiss them personally.

As the day of my arrival in Manila approaches, I began to experience an unexplainable excitement and felt a little worried on what our little angels' reactions be when they see me. Some of my colleagues who had the same situation as mine shared to me their funny yet sad stories of first encounters with their babies. I was afraid that my kids will not let me carry them and they will just burst into cries.

At last, the day that I have been waiting for finally came. There is no single word that I can use to describe the feeling that I felt when I saw my handsome sons. The feeling got even more stronger when I was already holding them. I almost lost control of the tears in my eyes.

There were instances that they were looking at me in astonishment. But  that only lasted for several minutes. After that, I became their tatay.

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  1. waaaaaaa Bossing Jayson!! ang cute ng wondertwins mo!!

    well alam ko rin namang sila rin ang reason mo kung bakit ka nagsasakripisyong lumayo sa kanila...

    Sana lumaki silang astigin like their tatay and lovely like the super nanay!! \m/Blogenroll!!