Cuyab Resort

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After the reception of Les Paul and Lei Xander's baptism, we continued the celebration at Cuyab Resort in Laguna. My father-in-law was the one who arranged the overnight swimming party. He told me that my vacation is only for a month so he wanted me to have the same experience that they had when they went to La Luz Beach Resort in Batangas while I was still in Saudi. With us were my in-laws, my family, and some of Supernanay's closest relatives in Taguig.

I was not able to come with them at once after the reception because I had to go to Cavite for my job orientation and contract signing for China. I arrived in Laguna around eleven in the evening so The Wonder Twins were already sleeping along with the others. Had a little chit-chat with Daddy, Mama, Papa, and Labs. I also stayed for a couple of drinks with my brother Jeff.

In the morning, we enjoyed the water and the sun. Paul and Xander are not afraid of swimming in the pool like the other kids there. I hope they don't grow up like their folks who do not know how to swim.

All of us had a great time! Truly a wonderful "pang-kodak" bonding moment.

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