The Great Outdoors

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On Paul and Xander's Eighth Month Birthday, Supernanay and I decided to take our kids outdoors to have some family time. First stop was at Boni(facio) High Street where we strolled around and took our pictures at the popular landmarks there. The Wonder Twins were at their best to pose in front of the camera.

After that, we went to Fully Booked where we bought the "Tractor" book published by Tiny Rockers. We want them to love books at an early age so that they will continue to enjoy reading as they grow.

We had our lunch at The Old Spaghetti House. While we were eating the heavenly pasta dishes, Les and Lei were also busy with their bottles of milk. After a while, Supernanay became busy because she had to change the our kids' poopie diapers.

Lastly, we went to Market! Market! to buy some stocks and things that we will use for our little "Hotdog and Sandwich Party" when we get back home. Our kids enjoyed riding in the grocery push carts.

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