Bonding Moments With Tatay

To some families, bonding moments would mean going out to picnics, outings, strolling to malls. But for us (me and my husband), spending time with our twins is the ultimate bonding moment. I never thought of my husband being hands-on when it comes to our kids. But when he came home, he definitely made up for times he was not here.

In the morning, he would wake up early as soon as Xander and Paul wake up. While I prepare for morning regimens, Tatay will take them out for a walk or sometimes would bring them to their Lola Linda’s house for a visit. He helps in giving vitamins and preparing their food. He’s my assistant when I bathe our twins. While I’m busy with other things, he would make them listen to ROCK A BYE BABY CD or make them watch children songs in DVDs.

Putting then to sleep is a big challenge because the two kids love to play and move around. You have to turn the TV off and let them play in a quiet place to condition the kids to sleep on their own. We try to invent ways to make them fall asleep – playing rock a bye baby again, lullabyes, or just snuggling close beside them.

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