A Year in the Life of the Wonder Twins

one of the first pictures of Les Paul and Lei Xander inside Supernanay's womb

The Wonder Twins' Homecoming - Can you guess who's Kuya and who's Ading?

our little angels having a little chit-chat with each other (one month old)

with Supernanay ang Ninang Ruby on their 2nd month birthday

nap time (three months old)

with Lola Ely, Ate Cha-Cha, and Kuya Rap (four months old)

with Tita Eds, Tito Pot, and Tito Carlo on their 5th Month Birthday

with Lola Lucy on their 6th Month Birthday

Tatay's first monthly birthday (7th) celebration with The Wonder Twins

hotdog and sanwich party on their 8th Month Birthday

with Ate Rosing and Ate Ging-Ging on their 9th Monthly Birthday

Kambal on their 10th Month Birthday

a month before they turn one year old

Les Paul and Lei Xander a week after their 1st Birthday

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