Ten, Eleven


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Create your own labloop foto slideshow for MySpace, Facebook or your website! view all fotos of this slideshow


At 10 months the house is getting more chaotic. This is when the fun starts!!!

Paul, when put inside the playpen, would throw outside all his toys waiting for someone to pick it up. As if following a leader, Xander now, is doing the same.

In the morning, upon waking up, they shout as if calling each other. Paul says, “hhhiiiiiiiiihhhh”, while Xander replies with “aaaahhhaaaahhhh”. Then they will crawl to meet halfway smiling at each other. Paul can now say “Papa”, “Dada”, “Mama”, and “Baba”. Xander is always testing the intensity of his voice and shouts “eeeyyyy”, “zard” (lizard), and “aaahaaahhh”.

At bath time, if one sees his twin already seated on the tub, he would act as if he wants to join the other. They love to play with water that’s why I transfer them to another big basin before washing them off.

They were no longer addressed as “twins” or “kambal”. I feel happy that friends and neighbors took time to check on distinguishing marks or certain behavior that would tell them apart.

More on Kuya

Kuya, has started showing authority over his brother; Xander would always give way to his Kuya especially on toys and books. He was the first to learn how to hold the door knob at 4-6 months. At 10 months he mastered the closing and opening of the door turning the knob by himself. He can balance himself pretty well and can stand for a few seconds by himself which started on his 9th month. He was also the first to learn the “bye-bye” gesture and can amuse us by his “kilig-kilig” actions. He shows interest on pictures and illustrations. When given a book, he will take time to turn its pages one by one.

What about Ading (Xander)?

Xander is more of the physically active baby. He’s the fast learner when it comes to climbing and reaching for something. He started standing with just one hand holding the edge of the playpen. He moves pretty fast. But unlike his Kuya, he still has to learn to balance himself. He’s fascinated by moving objects like a crawling lizard, flying butterfly, and a walking cat. Like his Tatay, his eyes are glued on the T.V. set during commercials.

As their 1st birthday approaches, I feel good that we (me and Tatay) were able to do everything for our children’s early development. We are proud to be parents of these two intelligent babies.

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