Twins on Wheels

on their way to Manggahan to visit Lolo Lito and Lola Lucy

As our little angels were growing, they began to enjoy and explore new things. In as early as seven months, both of them were already fascinated to any thing that has wheels in it! One of the routines I enjoy with Kuya Paul and Ading Xander is doing our daily "drive at the garage". The Wonder Twins have two toy cars which they really can ride on - the red one is from Ninang Thet given to them on their Christening, and the blue one is from Ninong RC given to them on their first birthday. Actually, he gave them two but since Les and Lei already have one, the third is still in the box. Playing with my boys usually lasts an hour and the fun does not seem to end whenever they are on wheels!

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  1. lumalaki na twins mo sir nobenta. sa susunod, real cars na idridrive nila.